street fights, good, bad, & scary

give some of your experiences in street fights. Defending yourself, getting beaten down, or maybe getting a weapon pulled on you or getting jumped. If this thread stays alive (people show any interest) I'll post a couple of my experiences from back in the day.


They were never fair fights. If their punk friends are there and they see their boy getting beat down they jump in. I've only fought a one on one street fight once. Every other time I got jumped. The least I've fought at one time was three people, and got beat pretty bad.


Too many to list.

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They are not fun to me, they are dangerous and you can get killed at anytime. Win or lose I have never really been to happy after a streetfight..I will admit it is a good feeling to hand a tough guy his head on a platter however

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I haven't been in a legit fight since I was 17, fortunately. I keep my mouth shut and my eyes open, hopefully my awareness will keep me out of trouble.

A street-smart thing to do if you are ever in a neighborhood that you feel is questionable is to put a few singles in your pocket, and keep the rest of your money and your wallet elsewhere. If you are ever confronted by anyone or a group of people and you even THINK they plan to rob you just take the singles out and yell 'take it! I ain't stupid' and throw it at them and run. That alleviates 1) getting robbed and 2) being there to get your ass kicked afterward.

I haven't seen any fights that involved MA guys but I did see several that involved boxers. The fights were always one-sided and always in favor of the boxer by a long shot. It almost turned my stomach to watch.

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I'll realte a story from a guy I used to work with that spent a few decades in the Navy. Needless to say he'd seen a lot of fights. But he said that BY FAR the worst beating he ever saw was on a submarine. Two guys were in bunk beds. Apparently after the guy in the top bunk went to sleep the guy on the bottom bunk masturbated, then grabbed a sock off of the floor to clean himself with. Then next morning the guy from the top bunk put his sock on and seconds later the beating commenced.

Street fight= gun-fu

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~ 15 yrs ago, an old high school friend of mine was mugged at knife point. My friend didn't want to give up his wallet so he was stabbed and died.

I also know another friend, who wouldn't let things rest cause he was getting egged on ... a roid rage type of thing. He followed the other car off the road to a house, they started fighting. Sadly the house was the one guys destination, as ~5 guys came out and proceeding to beat the crap out of my friend. He was really messed up bad, head looked like a pumpkin, very swollen. He was in the hospital for a while. No lawsuits that I am aware of, not sure what happened from a legal point of view, but my friend lived and is fine now ... but doesn't fight much anymore.

Lots of funny stories of people not knowing how to fight ... but the scary ones stick out to me.

The only fight I've had as an adult was when I was about 20 years old (I'm getting close to 47 now, but I remember this like it was yesterday). I was at a party with a friend and my sister. I didn't know anybody there, my sister knew the people having the party. My friend was hammered and nodding out in a chair. I went to get a beer, and when I came back, he was gone.

I got kinda concerned, and went outside to see if he went to barf or something. There were four guys standing on the steps, so I ask them if they saw my friend come outside. One of them says, "that sounds like a guy we just slapped up, he ran down the street that way." I ask them why they did that. They say, "we caught him going through the drawers in the bedroom". I knew this was bullshit, so I say, "Bullshit".

So, the biggest one (about 6'3", 250-280 lbs., I was about 5'11" and 180 lbs) steps up and says something to the effect, "so you're his friend?", and jabs me in the face. I tell him to knock it off, he jabs me a couple more times, so I do a shoot and a double (I had no idea what I was doing. at the time, i would have called this a "tackle"). I start to pound on the guy, and the next thing I know i see a shadow to my right, which happens to belong to a steel toed workboot headed for my face. It connects, and I'm rendered helpless. The four them then proceed to use me as a punching and kicking bag.

Afterward, the one that started the whole thing tells me that i was "lucky" (to be still standing), seeing how he's the Minneapolis heavyweight golden gloves champ, etc., etc. I was still pretty agitated, despite being a bloody mess, and told him that he should stick to the ring.

Afterward, my buddies wanted to exact a little revenge, but I called them off. I figured it would only lead to serious trouble, and chalked it all off as a painful but valuable lesson. I've always been able to talk my out of scrapes since then, which is a pretty good skill to have in my opinion.