Street Jesus doesn't give a shit what fans think


I respect it.

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Does any fighter ?

Helwani sucks cocks in hell.

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Love Masvidal. What did the fans say? I thought he was more popular than ever?

I have no idea why but this made me actually laugh out loud.

ouch @ break ribs and spirit

He blatantly ducked Colby, and yes of course he knows he’s better than Nate Diaz. 50-43 coming up in a couple weeks. 2019 was a long time ago.

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:laughing: I’ve always found it to be a hilarious insult. It’s from The Exorcist. Helwani is a dramaqueen, instigator, tabloid-style “reporter” and a whiny perpetual victim, so I definitely stand by the comment.

Meh. Mas loses more and more respect from me these days. He talks tough, yet hes ducking Colby, and Leon. You talk all this shit about Colby, then duck the fight. You snuck Leon, then he wants to fight you, then you duck the fight. Then you fight Kamaru and are too afraid of gassing to even go for anything, then say Usman fought like a bitch.
I know Mas is a G and all, but hes become a primmadonna also. Once he loses to Kamaru he still wont fight Colby.

Watch the full interview it’s not bad. He also says he’s not for everyone and that he’s an acquired taste for people with an acquired taste.

I’d say he’s just a smarter businessman than you think. That’s likely the motivation for picking smart fights.

Do you think Colby would fight him in a fan friendly way? Answer is no, he would just grapple him to death in a boring, anticlimactic way. Unless you are a bigger Colby than Masvidal fan, why would you want that fight?

And Leon would be a fun fight but Masvidal doesn’t want to fight him for the same reason Colby doesn’t; Leon isn’t a big enough name at this time. Why fight someone who isn’t going to raise your stock? Again, it’s just a smart business move.

"Cuz Colby’s a b—ch,” Masvidal said. “They offered him good money. And then the Colby deal was we already knew we had the Usman fight. So why would I be fighting the No. 2 guy who just got his jaw broken, left running out of the ring, didn’t talk on Twitter for months cuz he got his jaw broken. Why don’t I go fight the guy who broke his jaw?”
"And that fight will take place, but when I f—king say so. Because remember: who the f—k is Colby? He fought Usman, generated under 300,000 PPVs. What did he do with Woodley? He just doesn’t generate.”