Street Jesus doesn't give a shit what fans think

I mean, yea, but, that doesnt change the fact that he would lose to acolby so hes ducking him. Only reason he is fighting Kamaru is because he has a chance to get the belt, otherwise he would duck Marty as well. This is mma. Running from wrestlers kinda makes you a bitch… just sayin. Marty ain’t running from anyone.

Marty isn’t running from anyone because his feet are too busy stomping while he just holds his opponents who can’t grapple up against the cage.

I’m not saying I have a problem with it, but it’s not like that’s exactly that much better.

he’s a journeyman being gifted 2 title shots bc he couldn’t earn them

Fuck ass cream for making that bum famous.

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Meh, if you cant stop a grown man from stomping your feet, you ant stomp him for doing other things. Which, in jail for example, would mean you would become that mans bitch.

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