Street justice award goes to mom of the year!

Hope the link makes it! Didn’t see this previously posted. Thought this was an appropriate offering to you savages.

Mom kept composure long enough to get a face-to-face, then let her have it! Pretty glorious revenge. Terrible that it had to happen. Complete trash!

She fucked up by going double guard pull after the failed Estima lock.

I’ll wait to pass judgement until I know what the teacher did to the student.


catholic schools are some of the worst schools.


after the mom knocked her down she should have directed her attention to the cunt trying to stop her for laying a beating.

beat both those clams. teachers are absolute scum.

bitch teacher is 61 with blue hair…

good for the mother.


at this point in time, all teachers are scum. right up there with politicians, realtors & car salesmen.


Good for her. It makes me sick that Catholic schools get public funding here in Ontario. Tax free, billionaire religions shouldn’t get a penny of taxpayer money, ever. Let their fairy tale believers pay out of their own pocket.



Read the article. It’s pretty damning. Mom watched 3 hr video of teacher abusing 2 yr old with special needs. Bitch deserved more!


Did we read the same article? I missed that part. If true. Justified.

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Yea, much worse than inner city schools, dope.

Your SN checks out

That info doesnt appear to be specified in the article w/ the video. Just says mom was upset to how her child was handled. Not saying I dont believe you but its not in the article w/ the video.

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This link goes into more detail

This article does a deeper dive

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That initial combo was nice. Fedor’esque.

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The mom was sure acting like she saw something.

I don’t want to see video of a kid getting abused but if that video exists, the parent should be given a medal and the teacher fired and charged.

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three looping rights followed by a hard left that dropped her.

beauty. Fedor would be proud.