Street Survival Seminar

Its only for law enforcement officers or military, if you are, go to and full info will be there.


Can someone give me the dates, place and the subject matter. I would like to attend. What is actually covered?

Its a great seminar a real eye-opener.

Calibre does a whole block on the SPEAR SYSTEM as well, several other components of my research is included including the PRESUMED COMPLIANCE theory and some ambush concpets.

I will not be there, I'll be teaching at SWAT ROUND-UP at the time - Mark & Bob do a great job, its a seminar every LEO should attend.


Mr. Blauer:

The above noted 3 day seminar is being held on November 5-7, 2001, in Minot, ND.

Is there any chance that you are guest speaking or at least attending?

In addition, is there anybody in this forum attending? I coming down from Canada, and it would be great to hook up with some of you people in this forum.

I hear this seminar is quite an eye opener.