Street Sweep


You are tackled in the street, your attacker ends up in your guard. There is a possibility of others jumping in. What sweep would you first prefer to use? Now remember, we are not being flashy here. We just need to get out from under him and fast.

I have gone with just the basic Elevator. This will not always work against a good wrestler though. In that case I have gone for a sub or an escape to back/standing.

What do you guys think?

Sure, I guess if you are in a streetfight and others are about to soccer kick your head in, you better do something pretty quick. Simple scissor sweep or single hook elevator would be my first option.

If I had hooks then I'd just bump them away from me and stand up quickly, that's generally pretty easy.

anybody else?

If I am being tackled on my down I am already thinking inside hooks (butterfly) and sweep right back to the top position and depending on the situation -either stand up or finish.

Not a moment spent on my back at all.

Again this is just strategy.

Buck sweep - keeps your face out of danger, end up in mount.

Good question. I have thought about this also and trained the situation a lot in case I am knocked on my ass. My first reaction is to get some control. If I can sweep AS I am going down with one or two hooks/elevators/scissor and use the momentum to launch them and stand up..then great.

But if I am down already on my back and they are on top of me (in guard because that is my BEST option given my choices of being on bottom). Then I would do following:

1. Tight closed guard with arm wrap and head control (to prevent strikes and headbutts). Smothering

2. I ASSUME they will invariably try to pull away to get some space to strike etc. As soon as I get some inches I slip the knee in and scissor sweep which for me is the most explosive, high percentage and since I have been doing it so long, instinctive move. I also ASSUME they dont know heel hooks (haha).

3. If they explode upward and for whatever reason I miss my scissor "window of opportunity". I will grab ankles and do the basic pull and bump sweep and follow that momentum.

4. If they explode upward and body contact is lost, I am kicking like a mule (ala renzo/taktarov) and trying to stand up in base ASAP.

5. Or..all this fails and I get booted like I am a world cup soccer ball.

I def recomend drilling this with a partner and try to get some real reactions from him. Explosive, wild etc. I also keep it real simple because of stress and adrenaline etc.

Just my .02

If anyone disagrees I would love to hear it as it may help me uncover something.


Forget about sweeps. Push him away, post your feet on his hips or on the ground and make space. Kick him in the face on the way out, get to your feet kick him in the face again then run.

If you fall into guard an easy one is to clinch their neck like a wrestling tie up or thai clinch and when they pull back(which helps pull you up) just scoot out from under them and stand up....they will be in front of you on their knees and you will have head control with the ability to knee them in the face.

Feet on hips, push away - while striking face.

Kick(s) to face - get up.

simple sweep - always.. its my best sweep :)