Streetbeefs - Blackie Chan vs. MEYHAM

What is this madness? Never heard of this org until the YouTube algorithm just put it on my front page just now.

Looks like they’re fighting on a food plot for whitetail deer.

Blackie chan was on icy Mikes channel. Blackie claims he learned to fight watching internet videos


Oh man that was tough to watch with how bad the white dudes ground game was. Was kinda cringing because I thought it was over for him each time it went down. Landed some solid shots though.

I wouldn’t doubt it. So many resources online. If you have a few good sparring partners & natural ability you could probably get decent.

Not bad ground game for learning to fight online.

Edit to say I’ve seen these once before. This guy named shenagami got featured the Pat McAfee show for one of these fights.

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I’ve known about street beefs since Mike punched that fat guy in the gut and make him wheeze

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Cool concept except Scarface is the epitome of a human dirtbag.

I have two students who have fought in Street Beefs during the COVID lockdowns. One is 2-0 in Street Beefs and the other is 0-2 (but he is only 16 years old).

The one that is 2-0 is also 2-0 in amateur MMA. He says the level of fighters at Street Beefs varies from “awful” to “high level”.

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Very minimal “high level” fighters over there. Hamlet, Atrain, the Tyson kid and mini hulk but that’s about it

My bad…I meant he said there are some purple and brown belts (BJJ). He said there was also a black belt in BJJ fighting. Others have experience in muay thai or other arts. But he did say for the most part they were just Street Fighters.

My student goes by “The Jackal”.

Satan’s backyard!
How can someone not know about street beefs and be on the UG?

It’s Like someone having a 2000 join date and not knowing about felony fights.

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What’s a black belt in bjj fighting? That a reference to a black belt that competes?

Thanks for posting video of your guy!

Edit: Not gonna lie I was thinking that triangle was executed terribly then I was thinking how the hell do you smoothly set up a triangle on dirt with fricken shoes on. My bad

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My bad I worded it terribly. He has a BJJ black belt and fights in Street Beefs.

Yeah he says the dirt canvas is the worst part. Dirt in your eyes and mouth.

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I’m assuming they dug a trench to get that cage into the ground? Hopefully it’s safe

Didn’t Rich Franklin learn from watching videos? I’m sure it was someone like that used their garage.

Me Hem needs to either learn to counter wrestle or to stop throwing kicks in a tiny cage. That said fair play to both guys, both brought it!

Rich Franklin did to an extent, I think Evan Tanner was the guy known for being MOSTLY self taught in that era.


Crazy how successful both were!

That was actually quite entertaining

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