Streetfighting tips thread

Some of you might have seen a the thread about my friend getting in a scuffle with some punk twentysomething. One thing I notice about striking in street fights, at least in this case, was the presence of clothing really limited your options with what you could effectively hit.

For example, if you really like body shots, like a pop to the liver, it is hard to get one off without having to punch through alot of clothing. I would normally think about a one two to clinch and knees.

So what are your tactics striking with clothing as an impediment?

Firstest with the mostest.


unless its neccassary. Gut the fucker like a fish

Body shots? Are you trying to wear him down for the later rounds? Punch or knee him in the face.

A good liver shot will knock out guys who don't have condition stomachs.

use car antennaes as weapons

dont hit "blacks" in the head, you'll break your hand

if it goes to the ground make sure your on top, some idiot in my bjj class pulled gaurd in a street fight, and ended up in the hospital.

Hit first, jab cross jab cross i.e "boxers blast". Clinch, pull their shirt over their head, knees to their grape. Sling the shit out of them the by the shirt or jacket. Soccer kick or knee on belly mount and blast away. Get the fuck out of Dodge asap.

I couldn't feel more guilty for laughing at Tripper's response.

streetfighting yeah! Lots of roundhouse kicks----pretty much anything TKD. That high flying crap works every time.........bleh.

as long as it isn't a cheap cotton shirt, ie a sweatshirt or even a dress shirt i choke him with his own shirt.

Grab hair,pull down, knee,step back,repeat.

two words: horse stance

fight ova

best tip is as soon as you know its gunna be a fight swing first. the only sucker in sucker punch i sthe one getting hit

If he doesn't have friends around then choking him is ok. If he has friends then box him. Be weary of throwing kicks.

Butt Scoot across the gas station. Yeah pull guard and have him pull a shank from his back pocket least you admit the downsides

im a small guy, so my only option is to catch someone in a headlock and pretty much turn it into a choke.

or kick him in the nuts....I read and interview where Kevin Randleman said anyone taller than him in the street...he is kicking them in the nuts hard...first thing he would do in a street rules fight

Atomic butt drop w/fart.