Strength Workout for a girl?

My girlfriend needs to get stronger, but she is strictly opposed to gaining any mass, at least in the upper body. What would be a good basic strength program for a girl who is new to lifting? Right now we're looking at doing a few minutes of cardio to warm up, 3x8 sumo squats, 5x5 chest press on day one (with abs and stretching and whatnot), 5x5 stiff legged deads and 5x5 OH press on day two, and day three either regular deadlifts or squatting again, I can't decide. Plus a 5x5 row.

So what do you guys think about the third day, should we do some regular deadlifts or squat again? Maybe a different squat variation?

What about maybe just doing Scrapper No.1 3-4 times a week, and maybe going to the gym for nothing besides squatting once or twice? I don't know. Thanks.

Put her on a basic 5x5 routine on the core lifts: bench, squat, deads, overhead press.

She lacks the test to grow at a drastic rate.

She shouldn't worry about putting size on. She can lift all she wants but unless she's eating shitloads she won't put on size.


5x5 sounds good. Dig around for stuff by respected coaches saying that women won't get big from lifting to reinforce what you are trying to get her doing.

Watch her legs--I had my wife squatting a few years ago, and her thighs ballooned like crazy. So no squatting for her.

You might also have her work on pull ups. Nothing is sexier on a woman than a toned(maybe a little muscular) back. If she can't do them(most chicks can't), give her assistance for a few reps/sets, and then have her do slow negatives. A few weeks of that should strengthen her to the point of being able to do a couple on her own.