Strengthening hamstrings w/ no w8s

Hello all,

I need some exercises to strenghthen my hamstrings with no weights. Something I could do at home.


Crabwalk feet first. This FRIES your hamstrings. Try a series of crabwalk sprints, or you can go long distance for endurance, both are tough. As part of an end-of-the-year test in my old hardcore gym class, we had to crabwalk feet first up a 50-yard long hill, probably at a 20-30 degree incline. It was so damn hard it's not funny.

I have also seen some interesting hamstring exercises done on a swiss ball, but I haven't tried them myself.

Cool...I will try the crab walk.

I am curious of the swiss ball though...Maybe someone can post some exercises.

That crab walk sounds hard!
I like the swiss ball exercises. You can do a quick search on
google to find them.

Here is one:

You can also do them one leg at a time. Or have someone
pull the ball against you.
I sometimes do goodmornings with my jumpstretch band
under my feet and up over my shoulders for a hamstring

There is also an exercise that I've only done once and it was
pretty advanced, called simply "hamstring raise" I've mainly
seen it on sites devoted to track athletes.

The best weight free hamstring routine I have ever come across is as follows.

The Triple Threat from J.C.S.

  1. Bridge

  2. Leg Curl

  3. Extended bridge.

Perform all movements on a swiss ball in a continual circuit, as follows:

  1. lay on your back with your legs straight the ankle (achilles) area resting on top of the ball. Place your arms out to your sides at about a 45 degree angle (swept back like the wings of a jet) for stability.

Now bridge your hips up as high as possible. Hold top position for a second or two, lower slowly and repeat.

Once you have raised your hips for the first rep, you do not touch the ground again untill the whole series is completed. The down position for movement # One (1) is with the hips just above the floor.

  1. Starting from the hips raised position (last up rep of movement 1), roll your heels in towards your butt (like a regular leg curl machine motion). Roll in, pause, roll out. The whole time keeping hips as high as possible.

  2. Now...Walk your feet out on the ball so your legs are almost completely extended. Feet are together, toes pointed, heels off the ball. Do another set of bridges from this extended position. Hamstrings should be screaming by now.

Remember you do not put your hips back on the floor untill the entire series is completed.

Do 8-15 reps of each movement then rest and repeat up to three circuits. As you improve you can bring your hands in to rest on your chest.

When you can do three complete circuits for 15 reps each movement (hands on chest) then you are ready to progress to the single leg version.

Try the triple threat. Your hamstrings will be in super shape in no time.

Now...Get to it.


Without the ball you should be able to do Takus' #1 and #3. Replace the #2 with the crabwalk from above and you've got pretty much the same routine without needing a big pink ball bouncing around your house. I use my bed, and i do them one leg at a time.



Thanks all for posting. It is all very helpful!

Buy a mini-trampoline. Builds up the calves and gives your calves endurance. Most people misuse a minitramp. They jump up and down - Wrong! You want to pick up your feet, move your feet towards your butt. Your upper body, shoulders, head, should not be moving. This is a workout.

Glute Ham Raise. ( I think someone may have already posted something similar ). Kneel with your thighs and torso completely vertical. Anchor yourself at your ankles ( via bed or partner ). Lower yourself using just your hamstrings. Use hands to spot if needed.

Yeah thats the exercise IMPATCQC. It was pretty good.
Thanks for the explanation.

El Guapo,

The video on that link is awesome!




Yes...The balls of your feet are on the ball. Idealy the heels are not in contact with the ball during this movement.


tttfl, gotta challenge my trainer with the uphill crabwalk thing.


Yep, glute-ham raise... no substitute.


That glute-ham thing looks like it puts a hell of a lot of stress on your knees.

Step-ups, Walking lunges, running hills/stairs. Scooting around on a rolling stool.

taku, what an excellent routine ! i tried it today and it totally fried my hams. thanks alot.