Stretch Tubes for Judo

Anyone know where to get stretch tubes for judo like the Russians use?

this may seem stupid but can't you use old tyre tubes? or even resistance tubing sold on the net?

I'm not sure resistance tubing would be strong enough for me. The only tubing that I have tried in the past would be the one from Russia. Thank you for the suggestion though.

You could try They are specifically for wrestling but no doubt could be used for Judo.

You could always use steel cables.

anchor chains.
like the ones they use on battleships and aircraft carriers.

personally, i think those fall a big shy of my needs. i tend to use the high-rise crane cables.. you know, the ones that they'd use to hoist a couple hundred tons up to the top of a stadium er something.

i got my routine from the Hulk.

What about those workout bands?

You can get at any sporting goods store.

double post.

Thanks for the posts.

Can you clarify steel cables?

I've seen some shit like that in Japan, never over here though.

I dont know if you live in NY? But Paragon in the city have everything you could possibly need for any sport (with the exception of judo gi's) If you don't live in NY I'm sure you could order them online from Paragon.

Um, I was kidding.

The Hulk has good judo but Gladiator would still throw him.

Sothy, do you know what I'm talking about with the cables that the Japanese use? try this

surgical tubing is pretty easy to get.

Yup, surgical tubing is at most medical supply stores. Get the biggest size you can, and I belive it comes in 50' rolls. Excellent stuff !!

surgical tubing is awesome, i totally abandoned weights since getting some, many good things about it, such as:

increases grip strength

you can mimic almost any dumbbell exercise

the exercies increase the strength in all your stabalizing muscles

all the the wrestlers in the early 1900's used devices similar to it, you can order the tubing from

and find out some more information at

and from various strongmen used them. is a cool link.