Stretching Advice

ok, so I've gotten the Kurz book.  I've read through it but I swear its like reading a dictionary.  Is he video easier to understand the mechanics of the movements?  I would really like to increase my groin/hamstring flexibility but if I can't understand what i'm doing, I feel like I'm setting myself up for injury.



i'm sure that if i got the book, i'd be asking the same question.

ttt for the answer.

Here is what I would tell you, but I am not a personal trainer, have no degrees or certs.

Pages 20-24 of the book go through a pretty good explanation of how to set up a regular schedule for flexibility. You will notice that it also goes over the published studies that say static stretching is not good before working out.

Translating him into English he supports isometric stretching, that is stretching while the muscles are being stressed by effort, weights, or just you tensing them, two to three times a week. The stretches he suggests are in the section called Isometric Stretching. I can say from personal experience that you do not want to try this more than twice a week.

You also want to use dynamic stretching everyday, first thing in the morning being the most ideal time. I have found this to be very helpful. I have a morning routine I use that consists of a Joint Warm Up based on Pavel?s stuff and a variety of Dynamic Stretches from Kurtz book and a few of my own personal favorites. The whole thing takes about 10 minutes.

Hope this helps.

myofascial release then stretch. Go to perform and try a $20 roller then stretch. "If you tie a rope in a knot and then pull on it, it get's tighter." quote from Grey Cook. Dr, Evil