Strike Force comes up short

I think the fights tonight were a joke and a prelude to strike force's direction directly down the tube. First of all get over it you are not and probably will never be UFC. But damn it create your niche what about the whole DREAM partnership i think they need to expand there more with the whole WEST EAST battle and with the huge infusion of CA$H FEG is pouring into K1 and DREAM do something.I mean don't get me wrong it was fun watching Lashley get gased after an impromptu try at a pure wrestling match. And what a surprise good ol Jorge once again got treated like a punching bag after he opted a BJ Penish move and insisted on keeping it on the feet even though he probably could have destroyed noons on the ground but who knows maybe he can beat an accomplished boxer like NOONS? ( yeah I didn't think so either. Not taking anything away from Tim Kennedy he was only in there because no one else was available and since JACe didn't want to take it to the ground everyone got to witness a novice boxing match. Me personally i would have rather took a nap and caught Sengoku on HDNET at 2am ( which might be the best thing for MMA since UFC). And in closing i would like to send a shout out to the worst commentating i have ever been forced to subject my senses to(when Frank Shamrock is the only one making sense "Houston we have a problem")

Well. Zero posts but can't disagree on bad announcing.

Holy God.............................

lol at 14 year old massive wall of text run on sentence.

haya1340 -  Penish move

 What is a penish move?  (no homo)

Another 10er... 

Strikforce is a fucking joke. Explain to me how Bret Rogers can lose to fedor and get a title shot for it!?!?!??!

You get a title shot for fucking losing?!?!?!

Joke like the Oakland Raiders

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BONEDintheJanitorsCloset - lol your thread was so bad this website didn't even give you credit for making it

LMAO! Nice call!!