strikeforce champs

who are the current strikeforce champs?

are these correct?
-heavyweight: overeem
-light heavyweight: babalu
-middleweight: cung le
-welterweight: ???
-lightweight: josh thomson
-women's champ: winner of carano/ cyborg

 Strikeforce is becoming a nice little show on their own merit.

i think Diaz/Riggs or Shields/Riggs will be for the 170 title soon

Just depends who wants to be a 170 or 185

um so nobody ever answered the question... who are the current strikeforce champs?

that's correct

those are correct, could throw in Gil as the interim champ of the LW class

170 is vacant

 ^you are thinking of Elite XC, Shields held the WW, and Lawler the MW

notsobigmike - I thought Shields was the 170# champ?

those were vacated like the other ELiteXC titles

Diaz/Riggs II would be speed.