Strikeforce/Dream alliance official!

Well I always said it would take something like this to truly give the UFC competition. Strikeforce now has a formal alliance with Dream:

Best news I've heard all year.


Strikeforce is the new EXC... lets hope they dont sink.

This could be pretty interesting. It would be nice to get some of the Japanese fighters some exposure to American fans who may not know about them.

What inf0 said. Scott Coker seems like an intelligent businessman, not some assclown trying to make a quick buck like the Shaws.

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OmegaPoon - Strikeforce is the new EXC... lets hope they dont sink.

 Gary Shaw.. that is all I have to say to argue that statement.. there isn't a douce 1/100th the size of Shaw or K-fed floating around @ Strikeforce.. that alone sets them a part.

Jerry Millen is part of M1 who is also aligned with Strikeforce. He is right up there with $kala and Gary Shaw but thankfully(hopefully) won't be as prominent.

WOW! Very smart strategic move on Coker's part!

Plus he has experience (K-1) running shows with the Japanese...

 I hope this makes for a nice NYE show, opens up some more matchups, which were by no means impossible before, just now more officially possible.

PROELITE orgs unite! With CBS the savior we cannot be stopped!

oh, wait

Look, I have a lot more faith in Coker to utilize CBS than I did $kala and his fat daddy.

I don't think Strikeforce will be going head to head with UFC anytime soon but they do things the right way and we should see some great shows as a result.

The fans can only benefit.


excellent news. going to get some nice fights out of this.

 lets just HOPE m-1 keeps gary millen on a leash...

Potentially huge problems for Strikeforce:

1 - Millen...  The guy is hated throughout the MMA community so much that people refuse to work with him.

2 - Vadim... Wants entirely too much money for what he brings to the table.

3 - Fedor... Best HW in the world, but nobody knows who he is outside of the hardcore fans. It looks doubtful that Strikeforce can spend the proper money on promoting him(which they absolutely need to, given his past history of drawing horrendous PPV #s stateside) while at the same time paying his salary while still maintaining profitability.

Hopefully it works for them, but I doubt it will.