Strikeforce: Fedor vs Henderson Trailer


Can't wait for this fight! 

Classic fight...cant wait

henderson by CACC technique

As they're both two of my favorite fighters it's hard to root against either of them. So simply stated, here's to hoping Fedor has his head/heart together and comes to fight so that it turns into an epic war for the mma ages.



TKO (Dr's Stoppage)



It is never a good time to fight Hendo but now is the worst.


Don't care who wins but this one's a classic.

I am as big of Hendo fan you can find, but that said I'm still not rooting against Fedor.  I never have and never wiil.  I just want a great fight that will go down in history and be remembered! 

I've lost money on the few time I bet against Hendo. I think this fight will be a great one and end in a KO.

UGhhh my 2 favorite fighters of all time, dont know who too root for, hoping for epic all out war

prolly leaning towards Hendo


WAR HENDO!!!!!!!!!!!! Phone Post

 no m-1?

great fight

terrible trailer