Strikeforce Heavyweight Finals ?

Josh Barnet vs. Daniel Cormier<br /><br />can't find any info on when this will take place. <br /><br />hope the tournament hasn't been scrapped because of purchase by ufc. <br /><br />both of these fighters deserve this fight in front of major audience and spectacle event!<br /><br />whats up?

It was delayed because Cormier injured his hand, however I wouldn't be shocked it they just scrapped it at this point.
We've seen the other major Strikforce names (Diaz, Hendo, Cung Le) already fighting in the UFC so I'd suspect those two will be next.

 Octember 64th

 Sadly SF exists to be gutted now - the GP is done.

thanks for the info, as crappy as it is.

Fighters did their grueling job. Promotions FAILED!
its a shame!

i really hope Zuffa will make it up to those two guys who deserve major main event, as well as recognition of this tournament on their records!(not just UFC main event winner gets to fight the champ)


Hope it isnt scrapped, as i want to see some conclusion to the GP.

But i wont be disappointed to see both those guys in the UFC either.

1st Qtr 2012 is all that hs been estblished, no talk of cancelling the fight

I think it would be great to conclude this grand prix as the main or co-main event on a future UFC card. They could use it as a launching point for the next number 1 or more likely number 2 contender