Strikeforce Interview with Roxanne Modafferi

Roxanne Modafferi talks about her upcoming fight on the Strikeforce undercard. Again, I apologize for the background noise.

Damn, who would think that girl could fight very well.

She looks like an Amish housewife in that vid.


Roxy is taking the name of "Smiley" from Sara Kaufman

TOP 3Best women fighters in the world

cool gal.

 Nice interview!  It's so great to see you getting all this air time Roxy!  Can't wait to see your fight!

 It's all Roxy all the time around here lately!

Not complaining. :) Nice interview, looking forward to the fight.


I like the gap between how she looks and what she really is. At the first glance, I could never imagine her fighting and speaking Japanese.

nerds are taking this sport over. makes sense, they hyperfocus like no one


 Roxy was a pleasure to talk to. I cannot wait to see her fight this Saturday.

How can anyone not like this girl ? So sweet and humble.

Awesome, Rox!!

She shall win!

AnthonyMMA - Id tap that.

I don't think he's into dudes, but he is wearing a pink shirt, so you never know!