Strikeforce; is it showing in Vancouver, Canada?

We have both the HD and regular CBS channel here in Vancouver on Shaw Cable, but I could not find Strikeforce on schedule for this saturday. What is up with that? I believe its the same CBS channel for Seattle area which is also labelled KIRO/CBS.

Help anyone?

Well that sucks. I thought it is going to be showing on CBS.

Does that mean Americans gets it for free and we Canadians have to pay $50 for it, Or is it on PPV as well in US?

^^ I think Americans who are showtime subscribers get it free, but anyone in the States or Canada who doesn't have that channel has to buy it PPV. And I'n not sure, but I don't even think Showtime is available in Canada.

If you have Shaw Cable or Bell ExpressVu Satellite, you can watch the event for free on Super Channel in approximately 3-5 weeks.

That obviously doesn't help you right now, but just know that if you refuse to pay to watch it on pay-per-view, you can still watch it for free in Canada without having to find streams or (likely poor-quality) videos online.

Otherwise, try a sports bar and see if they're showing it. If they're not planning to, convince them that it'll be a big draw and maybe they will.