Strikeforce needs to re-sign...

Krazy Horse.

Y'all musta forgot!


 the man who did what nick diaz couldnt

Charles and KJ both landed full shot right hooks, and KJ was the one knocked the fuck out.

Towe is gonna getcha in 3..2....

edit - link gave out.

Dont give em yer backkk, boyyyy

 Can we get a youtube video of Nick Diaz / KJ Noons just for good measure.. I love that fight

LilBrockonmychest -

You're a retard if you really believe KJ landed a full hook. You'd think as a green namer you'd be able to tell though. They both threw and KH's got there first and was a great shot. The guy hits hard as hell and everyone knows it.

What's your motivation to hate on another pro fighter? Is it b/c you realize you'll never be even close to KJ's level at anything?

No hate against KJ, Strikeforce just needs to get Krazy Horse back in it. Dude is a beast. I know I'm never going to be anything close to any top dog in MMA. Should I change my name to blue? Would that be better? Is that the acceptable opinion color? Oh, and check the alt angle. Noons landed that shit. He buckled Charles, but he ate it.

And to the haters, I'm sure every time CRE talks about Rich crushing Wandy, or whatever else. You guy freak out and tell CRE that he'd get crushed by anyone he talks shit about. Good arguement. It's true, KJ would crush me for sure, but I can hold my opinion. You can hold yours.

Strikeforce, get Krazy Horse back!

southsidesti -  Can we get a youtube video of Nick Diaz / KJ Noons just for good measure.. I love that fight

There you go bro.

LilBrockonmychest - At least you can admit you suck...

I would think a pro fighter would understand what "knocked the fuck out" means though. And KH hit KJ with a great shot that would've KO'd about anyone at any weight class. If anything, I give KJ credit for staying awake and trying to recover (good stoppage though).

And no KH is not a great fighter. He has amazing KO power but if he doesn't land that one shot within 3 minutes he's done. Strikeforce is a legit organization

I agree w/ what you said, I never said Charles is a "great fighter" but they need to get him back. Dude is exciting.

^ Yeah dog,  I'm not retarded, I know whats the real deal. Remember, we've all got our occaisional troll side.

The problem with CrazyHorse is.....

That the top fighters do NOT want to fight him.

They wany absolutely nothing to do with him. They don't even want to be in the same room with him. This is a guy who can come in there and knock you right the fu_k out.....don't think so?

Well go ask Noons and just see what the fu_k he's got to say about it. I'd love to see CrazyHorse in the UFC....problem is, he'd break up Danas little "click"....

So Dana don't want him no where round the UFC.....hell, he don't even want him at a UFC event......

Hey CrazyHorse.....sorry, you're NOT invited....hehehe

 stop it horse stop it!!

KH is a liability.

May have to drop him from a show because he's going to jail.

Too bad....he just might be the most entertaining

fighter in the world right now!

I can't name one single fighter whose more exciting....

Always entertaiing. I was watching the gracie-shammy dvd the other day and was thinking the same. UFC should pick him shit..

"No hate against KJ, Strikeforce just needs to get Krazy Horse back in it. Dude is a beast"

dude is a crackhead and has no business in any professional sport.

krazy horse is a bad mofo! would be a great addition to either roster, very dangerous and he dont give a damn, not enough fighters out there like that, imo. you wont see him trying to win a decision he's trying to win fights!