Strikeforce online PPV question

Hey guys, I'm planning on getting this mofo (and it was rather difficult to find, much to my disappointment--you'd think Strikeforce would make it easier to stumble upon) but I had a question:

It says it starts at 10:30 ET, but it was only advertising like, four or five fights. Are those just "main card" fights?

Basically, if I order NOW, do you think I'll catch the other fights, or will I just have to kill time until 10:30?

Thanks guys.

it's on showtime is it not?

Yeah..............but me no haz Showtime:(

Wait a second, does the Showtime airing start at 10:30 ET too?

WTF? Are they really only airing 4 measely fights???

From the way I understood it, with the taylor/heiron fight now not being a title fight (5 rds) they made room to fit the werdum fight on the televised part as well.

you've got a pm clips..

me too pls

 hook a bro up!

Me too please????

i would very much like to watch the fights as well but no showtime blah =[

pm's sent

Order showtime now and cancel tomorrow


pm for me please?

the ridler - Order showtime now and cancel tomorrow

Correct, will cost you like $2 for the show

I'm pretty sure it's been mentioned over at