StrikeForce PBP (*spoilers*)

I'm 20 feet from the cage covering this for a local magazine. Didn't know I'd find an internet connection.

Anyone interested in play by play?

Quick Results

Nathan Coy def. Dave Corshane at 1:46 of Rd. 1 by KO.

Zach Skinner def. Scott Shaffer at 5:00 of Rd. 3 by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Mike Hayes def. Matt Kovacs at 5:00 of Rd. 3 by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Lyle Beerbohm def. Ray Perales at 1:19 of Rd. 3 by Submission (Guillotine Choke)

Jorge Masvidal def. Ryan Healy at 5:00 of Rd. 3 by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Maurice Smith def. Rick Roufus by submission (Kimura) 1:53, R1

Cory Devela def. Joe Riggs by submission at 1:22, R1

Jan Nortje def. Bob Sapp by TKO at :55, R1

Bring on the pbp please :)



tippy top

What's the early turn out like? Lots of people there?

Dave Courchaine vs. Nathan Coy (Pictures)

Round 1

Coy landed a kick to Courchaine's groin to get the action started … and stopped. The wounded fighter got a few minutes to recover before the action was resumed. An exchanged ensued, with Coy getting the better of it. Courchaine clinched up with Coy against the fence, but Coy was able to get free. The arena darkened as the venue experienced lighting issues, and the bout was halted. After half of the lights were returned to a working state, the bout restarted and Coy wasted little time in landing a clean punch that ended the fight at the 1:46 mark of the opening period.


Lights still out?

Is there no way to view this? TV? Strikeforce webstream?

a kick too the nuts right away nice!

web stream?

All the regular streams should have it.

Nathan Coy def. Dave Corshane at 1:46 of Rd. 1 by KO.

They trade punches and immediately, Corshane catches an inside leg kick to the groin. After the ref restarts the action, Coy lands a nice straight right and clinches Corshane against the cage before disengaging. Corshane lands a nice straight right and drives Coy back to the edge of the cage. Lights go out in the arena, fight is stopped. After a short intermission, the fight is started with the emergency lights. Coy lands a nice body punch, overhand right combo that drops Corshane face forward onto the mat, prompting an immediate stoppage.

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I meant on yahoo sports or something like that-  I believe that is typically how strikeforce rolls


And we are live :)