Strikeforce thoughts

  1. Gus Johnson is a good commentator.

    2. Those skeletons have sloppy technique.

    3. Joe Riggs was old in 7th grade.

    4. Nick Diaz looks like Joe Calzaghe boxing style-wise

    5. Brett Rogers - I can't tell if he hits that hard or if Arlovski just has a weak chin and suspect defensive technique. I also knew the UG would be flooded with troll threads soon after.

    6. Shields is that good and is the best match out there for GSP.

 1- 5 Agree completely.  6 I think Shileds would get killed by GSP.  He struggled to take down Lawler and his stand up needs a lot of work.

My thoughts are Jake Shields is the best Welterweight on the planet.

Jake Shields Strikeforce Elite XC UFC MMA WEC Jiu,Jake Shields Strikeforce Elite XC UFC MMA WEC Jiu

i love it!!! one of the best cards ive seen in years and i pay almost 50 bucks for most ufc's, both afflictions were stacked, but really strikeforce costs me 13 bucks a month, and now they have this other show to get us familiar with the lesser names. this is GOOD for the sport!

super chin - 6. Shields is that good and is the best match out there for GSP.

I don't know how anyone can possibly come to that conclusion from seeing his last two fights.

yeah i'm negotiable on 6, i just always gotta root for shields. i'm telling you...shields wins even with gsp's grease.

I will always be a fan of randleman, but randleman's wrestling isn't special anymore. almost everyone now in mma are high class wrestlers. Randleman needs to improve his striking, cardio, and sub defense to succeed in today's mma. he may have been able to finish mike if he had better cardio.

riggs looked amazing. he was throwing good combos and had good punch variety. he looked confident and showed good ring intelligence. The biggest improvement was joe looked confident and focused throughout the fight.

diaz has a good chin and his punching style works in mma, but in straight boxing that style won't cut it. smith hit diaz with bombs and didn't rock diaz. diaz's style only works in boxing because the boxing level in mma isn't high enough. also why did scott smith not use any stand up defense(parry, head movement, blocking, etc). it looked like smith let diaz pepper him with punches throughout the 2nd round so he can try to catch diaz with the right hand. bad choice.

arlovski doesn't have a glass jaw. people at heavyweight carry big power and mma is fought with small gloves. anyone getting hit by a powerful HW has a high likelihood of getting koed. Roger's i don't think can beat fedor. fedor is more well rounded and can sub rogers. Rogers did a good job. Rogers just didn't give a fuck and got up in arlovski's ass and arlovski made a mistake backed up straight back and got caught.

Before the fight i saw the fight being like the mayhem vs lawler fight. jake shields submission isn't so surprising. robbie sucks at defending submisions. You would think he would improve his sub defense after all these years and with the training partners he has.

Jake sheilds looks to me like a mayhem miller. both have average stand up, average strength, average wrestling, but amazing bjj. so for people who think that shields will do well in the ufc after this fight. just look at what gsp did to mayhem miller.