Strikeforce vs. CFFC

Which is more appealing to you.

Strikeforce by far

The Kimbo fight doesn't carry any weight with you ?

Both are awful for PPV.

Would u say it is better than the next PPV for the UFC ??

That is what I am trying to decide.... what I should buy and what I should go to Hooters to watch.

To answer the question, Strikeforce by a mile.

I still think UFC 72's main card is better than Strikeforce.

That said, I'll be ordering both.

Strikeforce does not blow the next UFC out of the water. I don't get why people keep saying this. Franklin/Okami is better than the whole Strikeforce card put together.

Im ordering both and I am recording both to add to my collection. Both cards look great to me, but I am giving strikeforce the edge right now.

The Calf Cruncher

I'm surprised the UG hasn't given more interest to the Kimbo fight...

Strikeforce card beats CFFC and UFC 72 IMO

CFFC's undercard has some very good up and comers on it. Overall Strike force holds more star power at this point.

Strikeforce is the best card this month easy. 

The best fight on 72's card is Griffin/Guida and you may not even see it.

Are you going out for nachos or something? It's on the main card.

"Strikeforce you have Shamrock, Baroni, Cung Le, Villasenor, Ninja, Buentello, Carter Williams, and Crazy Horse. "

LMAO at that sorry list. The only really good fighter on that list right now is Villasenor, and he is barely top 20. I guess Buentello is top 20 as well in a weak HW division, but that's as far as it goes.

Like I said, both cards are horribly lame, but Franklin/Okami is worth more than the whole Strikeforce card put together. I would not pay $10 for that lame-ass Strikeforce card.

THis still doesnt convince me lol

"Tomato Can, stop being a queer fanbois."

No, you are the one who is the ball licker!!

"If you would rather watch O'Brien, McDonald, Herman, Forrest, etc. fight than Crazy Horse, Cung Le, Buentello, Viilasenor, Carter Williams etc. you have psychological problems."

Guida, the Griffins, and MacDonald are quite simply better fighters than anyone on that list. You have to be kidding me getting hyped up over Crazy Horse or Carter Williams.

"Franklin/Okami doesn't have 1/100th of the electricity that Baroni/Shamrock will."

Electricity? Ninja, please. Who's the queer fanboi again?

Strikeforce by far.

"Can you might not even get to see the best fight on the card..."

What fight is that?

"LOL@you defending this shitfest of a card."

I'm not defending it. It sucks. It's still better than the Strikeforce card, though. Personally I will not buy either one.

"Anyone who is a hardcore fan of MMA KNOWS that the Strikeforce card is 10x more compelling to watch than UFC 72."

If by "hardcore fan" you mean "chump that is buying into the hype surrounding a number of completely irrelevant matchups" then you are correct.