Strikeforce Weigh-in (pics)

Pay-per-view bout order:

Frank Shamrock (184) vs. Phil Baroni (183)

Cung Le  (179) vs. Tony Fryklund (177.5)

Paul Daley (170) vs. Duane Ludwig (170)

Josh Thomson (154) vs. Nick Gonzalez (155)

Joey Villasenor  (184) vs. Murilo Rua (184)

Paul Buentello (250.5) vs. Carter Williams (265.5)

James Edson Berto (155) vs. Victor Valenzuela (155)

Off-TV bouts:

Nikk Covert (175) vs. Nik Theotikos  (181)

Mike Pyle (168.5) vs. Aaron Wetherspoon (168.5)

Jason Von Flue (173) vs. Luke Stewart (173)

Rex Richards  (305.5) vs. Ray Seraille (265.5)

Chris Cariaso (134) vs. Anthony Figueroa (132.5)

Sam Spengler (184) vs. Seth Kleinbeck (184.5)

Sean Bassett (154) vs. David Smith (155)













This will be one of the first fights where Buentello is looking for a takedown.

Duane Ludwig -140 
Paul Daley +110
Josh Thomson -1100
Nick Gonzalez +600
Jason Von Flue -115
Luke Stewart -115

Mike Pyle -250
Aaron Wetherspoon +190
Paul Buentello -170
Carter Williams +140
Cung Le -265
Tony Fryklund +205
Murilo "Ninja" Rua -125
Joey Villasenor -105
Phil Baroni -125
Frank Shamrock -105








Fucking hell Phil is ripped. Visible veins in your obliques ? Thats some serious genetics.

Genetics? No my friend...this is TRIM SPA!!!

I'd bet as follows (I usually lose money):


  • = you bet $100 and win that much
  • = you bet that much to win $100


LOL@ Trim Spa

But yea Baroni looks like he's in awesome shape. I still think he loses though.

Is it just me or does Shamrock look like he's trying to make a mean face?

I calculate for every fight show I watch.

One time I would have won all but one fight and would have had a great night.

Most other times I end up down.

My virtual playing indicates I should stick to virtual playing.

Carter Williams got kinda fat

It should be called Strikeforce: Tattooed

"My virtual playing indicates I should stick to virtual playing."

lol... interesting.

lol...those are some smiley happy fighters. Nearly every pic someones smiling or laughing.

Man, Carter looks HUGE!

Ninja looks very small at this weight, he didnt really have a whole lot of muscle to begin with, so while he doesnt look sucked up, he still looks rather small.

Good luck to Chris Cariaso!

Phil looks flabby imo

"How much is this PPV? Anyone know? "


Always thought Frank was about 5'9", looks an inch taller than Baroni.

Is it just me or does Carter Williams look a little pudgey in the face? Hope the guy is in shape! When I see the guy in K1 all I can think is how built the man is! And I agree on Buentello going for the takedown! :)