Strikeforce Weigh-in (pics)

Miguel Linares (135 lbs) vs. Anthony Figureoa (132.5 lbs)

Luke Stewart (169.6 lbs) vs. Sam Liera (169.3 lbs)

Eddie Millis (183.7 lbs) vs. Daniel McWilliams (178.5 lbs)

Adam Smith (209 lbs) vs. Dewey Cooper (204.2 lbs)

Richard Dalton (225 lbs) vs. Daniel Puder (222.7 lbs)

Falinko Vitale (194.7 lbs) vs. Ron Fields (193.7 lbs)

Bill Mahood (201.9 lbs) vs. Bobby Southworth (203.9 lbs)

Matt Lee (160.7 lbs) vs. Jorge Masvidal (159.3 lbs)

Clint Coronel (154.7 lbs) vs. Billy Evangelista (154.7 lbs)

Adam Lynn (155.1 lbs) vs. Josh Thomson (155.5 lbs)

Joe Riggs (184 lbs) vs. Eugene Jackson (183.9 lbs)

Tetsuji Kato (154.8 lbs) vs. Gilbert Melendez (155.5 lbs)

Tetsuji Kato (left) and Gilbert Melendez


Joe Riggs (right) and Eugene Jackson


Adam Lynn (right) and Josh Thomson


Bill Mahood (right) and Bobby Southworth


Richard Dalton and Daniel Puder (right)

Ron Fields and Falaniko Vitale (left)

Dewey Cooper (right) and Adam Smith

Billy Evangelista and Clint Coronel

Jorge Masvidal and Matt Lee

Eddy Millis and Daniel McWilliams

Sam Liera and Luke Stewart


Anthony Figueroa and Miguel Linares


is this being televised??

Yahoo! Sports will stream the event — for free — beginning at midnight ET/9 p.m.

To whet your appetites, check out these fights from Yahoo! Sports and Strikeforce:

Can Matt Lee even fight with ringworm? That looks nasty.

Does Lee have Staph?


No,that is not ringworm on Matt's back. He has psoriasis.


is it gimme for puder?

Thanks Card! I bet Kang is in Bill's corner tonight. Good luck Butcher!

I see Melendez looks a bit thinner than he did when he was in Pride.


And I'd never fight a guy with that disgusting shit on his skin.

fuckn ttt

go melendez

and why is puder even on the show if he wont step up

Ghett-Top_Team_"And I'd never fight a guy with that disgusting shit on his skin"----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Careful what you say, you never know what skin condition you might develop.

BTW it's NOT contagious.

It looks like bleached off ring worm. Shouldn't be contagious.

Gazin !




Puder has nice tits