Strikeforce will pass UFC in popularity.Here's why

Strikeforce not only has some of the best fighters in the world (Nick Diaz, Alistair, Fedor, Werdum, Robbie Lawler, Paul Daley, Dan Henderson, et cetera), but they also allow the world's best females to fight and have tournaments! Until UFC has tournaments and does a network tv and cable combo (like WWE), Strikeforce will slowly take over. My best analogy is that Strikeforce is a turtle and UFC is the cocky rabbit and the rabbit will get passed in 5-10 years.


do you guys remember when strikeforce couldn't get any of the big fighters??? now they get plenty of them! Coker's got the dough and patience and Strikeforce will soon be the WCW against the WWF

Not a smart guy at all Phone Post

remember when powerade was a no-name brand? they slowly but surely grew on Gatorade.

WCW went out of business.

That part of the analogy makes sense.

Wait didn't wcw lose to wwe? Phone Post

Lol. Is that it? Phone Post

Plus Powerade sucks also

gotta say that Strikeforce appears to be financially viable. They are putting lots of shows on and seem to be signing more and more

 They are certainly doing it right so far. Can't wait to see what happens with SF in the future.

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Strikeforce needs a decent marketing department first. Not enough casual fans even know it exists.

dipsheet - The hare won't nap.

I want tournaments damnit! The UFC needs tourneys or it will be passed by orgs with tourneys!

Zuffa, make it happen fren... tourneys tourneys tourneys

Just wait until they try and put on a PPV...

As long as the UFC continues to cut decent fighters after 1 loss and pay those who are left peanuts, Strikeforce will do just fine.

WallySparks204 - I thoroughly enjoy strikeforce mostly because the production seems refreshingly different and a great change of pace from the ufc production. It is not that there is anything particularly wrong about the UFCs production but I just have grown tired of the same old same old.

This times 1,000,000! I still have love for the UFC, but for the love of gawd, change it up a little bit Zuffa! Have a tourney please!

A UFC LW or LHW tournament would be insane! Phone Post

Strikeforce is ways away from catching up with the Ufc...this year could be a big year for them to build some momentum but there is a big chance for failure especially if fedor pulls his renegotiation tactics...
And you mentioned that SF has the best fighters but think their HW div is on par and the welterweights are decent but the gap between their good fighters and everybody else is huge in some instances Phone Post

ds1970 - Strikeforce needs a decent marketing department first. Not enough casual fans even know it exists.

 I think this is the way they want it. 

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