Striker not doing UFC PBP

sorry guys, but striker isn't gonna be doing the UFC PBP this time.

he wants to keep PRIDE results as a suprise for himself, and since there's always some fuckwit who posts the results early, he's not going to get online until after PRIDE airs.. so no UFC.

I figured I would go ahead and post this since I'm not sure I'll be online on Saturday and he asked me to inform all you peeps.

he might be amenable to posting a comphrensive PBP later from tape for people who can't get the video and want a round action breakdown, but I haven't talked to him about that so I can't make any promises.

he really enjoys doing them and you all know he does a damn good job of it, but it's nice to watch a MMA event and actually be surprised for a change.

Striker18 does the best PBP of fights,period.

keep this TTT so people don't get disappointed.

ttt for his 19th b-day!

Sorry, but every time I have come online during a Pride tape delay, I have had most if not all of the results spoiled for me. I know someone would have ruined the Pride event if I had done the pbp, but as long as Pride doesn't tape delay fights to the same weekend as the UFCs from now on, that shouldn't be a problem.

Sorry again.