Striking in Boxing and MMA

"New InsideFighting contributor and author of 'A Fighter's Heart', Sam Sheridan takes an in-depth comparative look at stand up striking in Boxing and MMA. Does Boxing have the superior technique, or is MMA just different?"

Wow, first-rate piece, Elias. Well done. InsideFighting is really starting to carve out a niche for having some of the smartest commentary.

Glad you liked it WAR, I think Sam did a great job and we are excited to have him contributing to InsideFighting. Everyone who has not, should also be sure to check out Sam's book, "A Fighter's Heart".

Is Sam going to be contributing a regular column like Nick Thompson? Between those two you've got a LOT of interesting content.


InsideFighting is just getting better and better. And landing someone like Sam to help contribute is starting to seperate them from the pack with some quality writing about MMA/Boxing.

That was a great article!


great read! while I don't necessarily agree with everything he says (e.g. although it is true that MMA striking has to be different from pure boxing in some aspects, it is not an excuse as to why you often see sloppy, wide-looping striking which is anyway bad even for MMA standards; see Wandy for instance or Rich vs. Machida), he raises some great points.



Thanks Elias, for the opportunity...
I didn't cover everything I could think of, for brevity's sake.

Giorgos--I agree with you, but I guess my point would be that the
reason you often see sloppy punching in MMA is because the fighters
are coming from a different background (Judo, Wresting, BJJ) and have
learned striking later in life, have less practice--but are forced to strike
because the guy they're fighting is negating their ground game. Like
Rulon Gardner and Yoshida--boring as hell fight, but an two
Olympians forced out of their element. Even Wandy's "sloppiness" was
always covered by his aggression, power, and high-energy.

andrewilbe--I agree, leg kicks are important, and can have a big effect
on a fight, but again, I didn't want to go into too much depth--and I
also think they are not critically important--not like the take-down.
Elias wanted it short and sweet. And I think that would be an
interesting article, to talk to pure grapplers...I know a few things, like
half-guard is great for grappling but terrible for MMA, but it would be
interesting to talk to some of the top dudes.

thanks guys, love to the UG


Elias, I'm sorry to threadjack, but could you put your IF press credentials to use and get a response from Dana/Monte/Hughes/Diego/Trigg/someone at Pride about the LW GP -- specifically the weight to be used and UFC fighter participation therein?

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Good seeing you this weekend Sam, it was a nice surprise. I'm glad you got to see Rory fight a nice little war!!!

Great article, a very interesting read.

ttt for great article...

Thanks for posting, that was a great article

orcus, good idea. We'll be trying to get a handle on that situation as well as many other topics relating to the change in ownership of Pride. drop logic, you are welcome.

I usually like to thank everyone name by name, but with so many gracious and insightful comments it's hard to in this thread. Thanks to everyone for reading the piece.

Nick Thompson is doing a weekly column, and though Sam will be contributing regularly, right now it doesn't seem like it will be quite that often (weekly).

He's a busy man and has a book to promote. So buy his book "A Fighter's Heart" and maybe he'll make enough money to settle down and write more frequently for IF!

Sam, it's our pleasure to have you on board.

Let your friends know about this piece and where they can go to find it. Thanks for all the kind words. We've been working hard at (and I guess I might as well announce it first on the UG before the release goes out)and because of great readers like you, it's been paying off.

InsideFighting is now the fastest growing fight news website in the world in terms of traffic. Thank you so much and please keep on reading.

I'll come back on later to respond to more comments or questions as they come up so feel free to add some more.

great article. some alternate views to mine, but that makes it even more interesting. I look forward to reading more of Sam's stuff.