Striking questions

Are there any instruction videos or books that anyone here would especially recommend for fundamentals of striking, whether it's boxing,Muay Thai,MMA,whatever. If you have seen Bas's stuff, how is it?

I have training from a variety of sources, but want to go back to basics and develop better power and speed via technique if possible. Primarily for self defense and the slight possibility of competition.

Bas has the most useful instructionals for MMA striking if you ask me. It's pretty hard to learn striking from videos, though... it's much easier to learn grappling from tapes! I recommend looking for a boxing/kickboxing/muay thai/mma/savate gym or some other relevant striking...

Thanks guys. Viking, I totally understand what you mean about learning from tapes. This is just for theory and to fill in while I can't really afford to train at a gym. I'm in San Jose, CA. So I think when I want to find a gym I'll look at AKA and others.

Where does Cung Le train? Isn't he from my area?

I really like Bas' two tapes on standup, though I disagree with what he says about the jab. A good boxing coach cannot be beat, but if you can't train with one right now I suggest getting the two tapes from Bas on striking from his last Panther set.

I think Cro Cop has an instructional coming out...

Has anyone seen the Roufus instructionals?

"Learn Muay Thai from one of the best with this awesome video series. World Muay Thai Champion Duke Roufus, widely considered to be one of the most technical heavyweights of all time, shares his personal knowledge of Muay Thai leaned from extensive training in Thailand and as coach of the legendary Roufus Kickboxing Team in Milwaukee, WI. This video series will take you from the most basic Muay Thai concepts like footwork and movement all the way to the most advanced techniques like counter striking, strategies and fight game plan. Every technique is explained in great detail like knees, elbows, punching, counters, fakes, blocking and much, much more. Even fighters of conventional Kickboxing or full contact striking arts will benefit from this Muay Thai series as Duke teaches how to take any opponent out cold."
Well that's the ad, now are they any good?


Thanks again guys. I really just want to study some of the biometrics if you will of punching and kicking from different sources to work out the common movements and leverage for generating power. I hear about boxers "sitting" on punches and have experienced CRAZY power in the form of kicks and punches from guys my own size. This is what I'm looking for, I'll check out Bas's stuff if it's not too pricey.

hehe, a CroCop instructional would be pretty funny... have you guys seen the documentary about him? he does some weird stuff in training ;-)

I really like Bas' two tapes on standup, though I disagree with what he says about the jab

meaning always throw it with power? if this is what you're refering to, i don't get that either.

oh, and believe it or not, bas' panther set is even pretty good.

RacerX, couldn't you find a boxing gym in the area? Most of them are pretty inexpensive and if you're straight with them about your goals they may even work with you a bit on price, provided you do some work around the gym and are regular, etc...

I thought Bas didn't believe in throwing the jab- just straight punches.

Well, personally I agree with Bas. At least throw the jab hard enough to do some damage. You don't usually have time to do a lot of striking combos at boxing before clinching or hitting the ground. So make the most out of every technique you throw at the opponent...

That's a good idea groovyunit, I'll look into that.

Sounds like Bas's tapes are pretty good.Thank's guys this is great.

zetti, where do I look for the MFS tape?

I think he means by striking with power I thinking he means to hit hard all the time. Like 70% of your power and not worry so much about weenie jabs unless it is for set up. If that makes sense that way.