String Bass 1st timer/purchase hlp

So, I'm switching from E.Bass to the Double Bass anytime now. I am a pre-music major and want to get into jazz ensembles and classical too!

I just got approved for $1000 credit for WoodwindBrass Co. ( and need some help in considering my options and some general insight from experienced musician's.

What should I make sure I'm getting on/with my bass' features/materials craftmanship FOR THAT PRICE RANGE?

Bassically (sorry) any info pertaining to upright bass would be great and very much appreciated.



Our bass player plays a standup sometimes, not often enough for my
liking but its a bitch to lug around to rehearsals.

I don't know if this site will be helpful, but its all I got.

If you have any specific quesitons i can bounce them off him.

thanks beav

Well, I went with this:

Of course I order it and get a lovely 'Out of Stock' notice...fuckers.

Hopefully it ships May 10. $139 SHIPPING TOO!!!

Wow, thats a beauty. Paint some flames on it and you'll be ready to go:)

Oh shit man...thanks Killer...I have already ordered the other one, however, as I have a credit card through that company.

It does suck because the bastards backordered it even further, all the way to June 24th...dammit.

I want it now!!!