Stripper blood

Borrowed a t shirt from the girlfriends dad, went to a gig, ended up at a strip club, white t shirt now has stripper blood on it from the lapdance. Classic. Phone Post 3.0

rag stain?

Spray a little WFA on it. Should come right out Phone Post 3.0

Otherwise, contact with that bloody shirt might lead to teh bad WFAS Phone Post 3.0

you could probably chew that stain out

jason73 - you could probably chew that stain out
Hahaha nice! Phone Post 3.0

Watch Superbad for instructional video. Phone Post 3.0

Did you sniff it?

Just to check.

I would. Phone Post 3.0

Merlot stain Phone Post 3.0

Fake tan and stripper blood, stronger then two washing cycles. Phone Post 3.0