Strobe tuners are great

I just got a Peterson VS-II. I can't believe how much more accurate this thing is than my Korg LED tuner. I never really knew the difference between strobe tuners and other tuners until recently. Besides being super-accurate, it's got "offset" tunings that make guitars sound more in tune over the neck; you can even program your own offsets into it. Check out for specifics (I won't even try to explain what strobe tuners are).

LOL! I was just about to ask for more details about using that thing, until I saw your comment saying not to ask! :-)

I've been curious about the Petersons for a while, and wondering if they were that much more accurate. I'm unfamiliar with how these things can be more accurate. I guess I would just need to see one in action...

I meant I wouldn't try to explain it because I don't fully understand the
concept, not because I didn't want to be bothered! Basically, it's the
visual equivalent of the "beats" you can hear when two notes are
slightly off, although it's a lot easier to see the minute "offness" than it
is to hear it. The Peterson website has visual and audio demos too
(and no, I don't work for Peterson or own any interests in them).

I'd always seen the mechanical Peterson strobe tuners and knew many
pros and techs used them, but I never understood how they worked,
plus they were (are) around $700. Now that I have this one there is no
way I'd go back to LED/needle tuners. It really is amazing how much
more in tune my guitars sound, especially with the compensated offset
GTR tuning (that's the one that offsets certain strings so that it sounds
more in tune all over the neck).

They're not cheap (the VS-II is about $200), but they're definitely worth
it IMO.

I have heard of some kind of hum problem associated with using the AC adaptor instead of batteries. Any sign of this with yours?

Do you mean if you hook it up in the signal path to the amp? I actually
haven't (and won't) do that; I just tune up, unplug the tuner, and plug
into the amp. I haven't heard about that issue yet. I guess that won't
affect me, but that sucks for those who are having that problem.

Thanks for the heads up. I need all the help I can get! :-)

Off to the peterson website, then to Ebay!