Gladly we are now minus three threads and one troll.

One of the perks of being the founder father of this forum (Luke BESTON was the mother :P ) is that the gods listen when you speak - thankyou Kirik!

No doubt he'll be back soon under a new name.


has it stopped?


I did not know we had you to thanks for this forum. Thank you oh great one.

The forum was conceived (no pun intended) by Luke Beston and I. I approached kirik and then we had it.

Oh hips will be gone, I have no doubt he'll come back sorta like herpes.


So you looking to start an MMA career hips?

Think he's gone Ben. maybee one day you'll catch up with him in the absoloutes. be sure to pass on my regards.



I was getting sick of all the crap. Like why talk about school yard crap like it's gonna happin. And ever since hes been here it's just been insult after insult. I ask him to talk about mma related stuff and he threatens ya. meh.

So don't keep talking about it !!

Shhh... How's the serenity ?



Looks like we will all have to watch what we say to Justin from now on.

Can any other promoter or person get someone banned if someone else says anything bad about them or their promotion?

no one is allowed to question justin, the self-sacrificing crusader, the consumate professional, the man with unquestionable motives, the martyr of the australian mma scene, who has given many australian fighters their first opportunity to enter the ring (usually against bonello)


How hypocritical.

"Gladly we are now minus three threads and one troll."

Good to see you busy plugging the gap.

gringo justin tu seja em foda cabeca

"No doubt he'll be back soon under a new name."
"I have no doubt he'll come back sorta like herpes"

haha thats just like this other smacked arse back in the day "nhboz" i think his name was, he was arrogant and opinionated and pissed off nearly everyone, much like hips, and then after some "alleged" imping he swore never to return to this forum.

Legend has it he too changed his screen name and returned..... much like herpes.

dooo dooo dooo dooo (thats that weird noise off the x files.)