strong Neck!!! 

Warning !!!


Whoa! Imagine trying to put a full nelson on deghani? You probably couldn't!

That's impressive. Is that you, deghani?

dehghani oh dehghani you are very strong

 do you ever jerk it while choking yourself like that? 

 try choking this motherfucker bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 man neck walk.... that's a new one.

Thanks for the warning! :D Dehghani, your methods of showing your neck strength looked very painful.

Dearest Deghani,

That is an incredible feat of strength.

DueceDroppin - Dearest Deghani,

That is an incredible feat of strength.

 Wait until you see him at the Airing of Grievances!

lol at any american thinking they can beat dehghani


that's how Saddam died right?

Strong Next!!!!!!

how many MMA fighters would dare try this?

Very impressive friend! Looks like you continue to improve your training.

dehghani: dear, dehgani you are an athlete of the highest caliber!

Iran keshvar e jalebi Hast!