Stronger/tougher hands?

I had a kickboxing match on April 3rd, and my right hand was pretty swollen and sore for several days afterwards. It's still a little swollen, and isn't sore so much as just having a limited range of movement in my middle finger knuckle. So how can I fight this kind of stuff, it seems to happen everytime I hit something hard. I think I was pushing my punches a little, will that hurt your hands? I had a good wrap/tape job for the fight, and was using good gloves, so that wasn't the problem.

I was thinking about doing some grip work, tennis ball squeezing or something to strengthen my hands, and some knuckle push-ups or old school makiwara board work to toughen the knuckles.

Reckon this would do much good, or would it just be fun? Thanks.

I have chronic hand problems.

I've tried everything, the only thing that has helped is custom-made knuckle guards that I wear under my wraps during training.

After you wrap your hand soke them in ice it will make the tape harder.

What kind of bag do you hit during your workouts? How often do you do heavy bag work? Whenever this happened to me it was always because I was going too long, and too hard on the hard fill bags for weeks on end... then I'd finally push myself over the edge. Bam, injured and swollen hands.

I think it's usually only when I'm trying too hard and I push my punches. Maybe it's got more to do with technique than my hands.

Maybe it is a technique thing. Marciano had plenty of problems breaking his hands when he was an amateur and then he hooked up with Charlie Goldman who taught him how to punch correctly. He never had any hand problems after that.