Strongman training

Yesterday a friend of mine introduced me to strong man training,all I can say is wow! We did tire flips w/a 720lb tire,then we dragged a chain around for a bit. What a cardio/leg workout the chain was. The tire was more of a total body workout. We finished up with some KB swings. It was no joke. I highly recomend it

I just started too.. we train events on Saturdays.

Thats a big tire you're starting out with there.. how many flips did you get? You guys got a set of stones?

Replacing regular strength training with 2 days of strongman medleys would be awesome for fighters.

I agree with Ryno. And in case you think all strongmen are fat dudes, check this guy out:;jsessionid=807A0FF16DDBFD2578ACA06B5D1214B3.ba02?id=409575

Wiggy -

I could only get it 2x and then I had to rest before I could do it again. It was my first time though so we'll see. We have a set of stones as well. Starting next week we're gonna do medleys focusing on cardiovascular training. We have all the equipment

I flipped the tires off my toyota echo a few times lastnight...