Struve-Fainting spell unrelated to heart condition

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                                Struve: Fainting spell unrelated to heart condition

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                    <p>UFC heavyweight Stefan Struve&#39;s long march back to the Octagon was delayed Saturday night, when during warm ups for his fight with Matt Mitrione, he felt like his heart was beating too quickly, and he nearly passed out. The fight was canceled as a precaution, as Struve had been out for 16 months after recovering from a broken jaw and then treatment for an enlarged heart and leaking aortic valve.</p>

Now Struve has taken to his social network to detail that the episode appears to be psychological in nature, rather than directly related to his heart issue.

Stefan Struve @StefanStruve
•Just want to let everybody know I'm ok, had a blackout in the locker room and we had to call the fight off, thanks for the love folks!
•Drove back to LA today and tho the traffic SUCKED I'm feeling good and phisically I'm 100% Thanks again for the love, much appreciated!
•I want to thank @ufc, @danawhite and @lorenzofertitta for their ungoing support and confidence in me. They even paid me show + win bonus
•Big thnx 2 @Fearthefighter for paying me after what happened this weekend and that way helping me on my road back to the cage! Thnx so much!
•My team and I are already figuring out what happened and we have the pieces but just need to do the puzzle. Confident we will sort this out
•What happened had nothing to do with my heart. But everything that has happened left mental scare that I really underestimated.
•Among with another important thing that we are looking at this caused what happened last weekend.

When are we going to see you back big homie?”

Stefan Struve @StefanStruve
Need to figure some stuff out to make sure it won't happen again..

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What was with that mike kyle tweet on the front page calling him out lol Phone Post 3.0

MediumRareMistake - What was with that mike kyle tweet on the front page calling him out lol Phone Post 3.0
i was about to post the same thing...what a dick move by kyle..let struve get healthy before u start calling him out...but what can anyone excpect from the dirtiest fighter in the game Phone Post 3.0

Mike Kyle is a douche, everybody knows that..but calling out a fighter struggling with health issues? Here's hoping Struve gets a chance to shut Kyle's mouth. Phone Post 3.0

Ahaha I died at DJ Mak for some reason Phone Post 3.0

Scumbag Mike Kyle strikes again Phone Post 3.0

Mike Kyle is the guy that just lost to Anthony Johnson right?

Seriously who is he sounds familiar... Phone Post 3.0

KZTT_FawkingxD - Mike Kyle is the guy that just lost to Anthony Johnson right?

Seriously who is he sounds familiar... Phone Post 3.0

I hope he makes a full recovery health wise. I would love to see him fight again but if he can't for health concerns that is more improtant.

Anxiety from everything that has happened. Hopefully he gets his head straightened out so he can continue his career.

Good for UFC to pay Struve and Matt both show and win. Phone Post 3.0

I can totally relate to that, when you had a major ailment like he had, it affects you mentally, I have no clue how you can go around that thought. Especially in such a pressure situation like a fight, your brain will always want to preserve itself, more so if you know you have a heart condition.

You feel the anxiety creep in and your chest tighten and most of the time you have no clue what's going on, it can be very scary especially if Struve thought his heart was playing up.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to have him fight at a regional show 1st just to make sure everything is ok mentally and physically. It could be too risky for the UFC to try this out again with him before they know for sure...

I hope he's ok.

Why include the Mike Kyle post?

"I would kick your ass."