Student Caught VANDALIZING 9/11 Memorial

As long as it wasn’t a pride flag, I don’t see the problem here. The child was probably just going to wash them with his urine and put them back anyway.

ok then he is a piece of shit and i wouldve at least slapped him if i caught him and then just deal with the repercussions of my actions…it would be worth it to me

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He is a piece of shit who hates America and couldn’t even let a memorial sit without vandalizing and interjecting his social justice bullshit.

Fuck him, he needs the shit kicked out of him and then boarded on a plane and dropped with a parachute over Afghanistan.


I believe you

I think I would have followed him and destroyed his car later. I could easily kick his ass but I don’t need a charge, probably a hate crime


Sad to see the university was quite mild in their criticism of his actions.

Probably because most of the administration & faculty themselves find the American flag “problematic”.

Whenever there is a fake hate crime on a campus, you’ll notice the school organizes a rally IMMEDIATELY and puts out a press release STRONGLY condemning the (fake) hate crime --BEFORE any “investigation” is done. Even when it is shown to he a hate crime hoax… they don’t back down will still have school sponsored protests anyway.


Another one

Sad it’s hip to these losers to be anti American! Any other kind of anti behavior is not allowed though

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