student quality

you need to trust the people you're training with. you hope they're not sick in the head and want to hurt you for fun. you hope they let go when you tap.

i've been lucky, every person i've trained with has been decent but i wonder what keeps it that way. i bitch about the price but i think it is what keeps the assholes out. if you pay $100/month you must be dedicated to bjj & don't want to fuck up. i don't think the people i train with earn big bucks either so the monthly fee isn't pocket change.

i don't know if the instructor looks out for his students. you have guys walking in from the street getting their free class by learning the armbar on you. the instructor usually has long term contracts with the students, so he'll still get your money if you're out injured by an asshole student.

Maybe getting beat up everyday by higher ranking students makes them quit or adjusts their attitude. Good reason to pair newbies with blue belts & above?

what do you think keeps the assholes out of bjj? or are they kept out?

It usually comes down to ego. Guys who have anger management and ego issues, if they are good at fighting at all, probably find it pretty frustrating to be controlled by smaller less athletic guys. Also, people who are used to being top dog and rubbing it in the face of others, tend t o have a hard time with starting near the bottom of the food chain. When I first trained BJJ, aguy who was literally half my weight, controlled me. Most guys I know, who don't train, probably couldn't handle that emotionally.

every so often i get someone cranking a sub fast...telling them what theyre doing is dangerous usually solves the problem. So does not rolling with them.

The few times I have actually had a sub cranked fast were from a toehold about 1.5 months ago and a heelhook in the summer. Luckily I narrowly escaped injury both times...havnt worked with either of those people since.

I rarely roll with a person I havnt observed rolling before. Im careful with my joints.

all the core guys and 95% of the new guys at my gym are chill though...My club seems to attract people with good vibes

Any guys that come to myschool with attitude, I throw out. I will not
put up with guys trying hurt each other. In 18 months I have had to
only kick out 2 guys. I alos watch and observe all the rolling that goes
on. I save my training time for another time. If students want to roll
with me, I tell them after class, that way, I dont take attentions away
from the students.