Students Are SO PROUD Of Kamala Harris For... Well... They Don't Know


Cut them some slack.
They haven’t had the latest programming patch update to their software.
I’m sure the white house ministry of truth, excuse me, the white house press corps, are working around the clock to get the update ready.


clown world


Biden and her former bosses say she can suck a golf ball through a garden hose, that’s cool.

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Jesus christ these bots. So they love her because shes a woman of color and she has low ratings because racism and misogyny.

tv PROGRAMS work very well I see, in other words programming

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These are the same types of people that yelled “YAY KAMALA!” for standing up to the rich, old, sexist, white patriarchy when she called publicly labeled Biden a racist and a sexual abuser.
Then they yelled “YAY KAMALA!” again just a few weeks later when she agreed to partner with that same racist and sexual abuser and declare what a great man he was & how good he was for America.


good lord, we’re Doomed

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basically, I was told by Social Media and MSM to like her

Humans have always been subject to propaganda but the level of power and ease that propaganda has now is far more than any time in history. Media and government can literally make masses of people think whatever that want, regardless of completely nonsensical and absurd.

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These people will be taking care of us some day.

Think about that.

“I’m having a heart attack help”

quick! to facebook, this will get so many likes!

I heard that she can suck-start a Harley.

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Visiting a college campus as an adult is hilarious.

You realize what sheep most college kids are and how naive and dumb they are

Last weekend went to my old campus and so many kods were masking up outdoors while riding bikes and shit
The conversations i overheard btw a bunch of them regarding politics was so nauseating

Whats their screen names here?

In all fairness to them, they are spending money to be educated. If the educators are ramming this drivel down their throats then a lot of it will become engrained in their psyche

The tall guy was PSL.


This is the sad reality of how Democrats get elected.

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They’re spending tax payers’ money.