Study abroad for 12 weeks in London or Berlin?

So this summer I'm going have to opportunity to study abroad for 12 weeks, and i've narrowed it down to either London or Berlin. I'm going to have a business internship while I'm there, and I'm curious what you guys have to say about each city and where it might be more enjoyable to live.

In London I would be partaking a part time internship and taking one class every 6 weeks. Excluding airfare and food, this'll probably run me 17-18000 for 12 weeks. I could just do it for 6 weeks but i kind of want to be there longer.

Would be a fulltime internship, and no classes. Would only get 3 credits out of this as opposed to 12 from London. way cheaper though, excluding airfare and food, around 7500

I can afford either, but I'm leaning towards Berlin since its just so much cheaper. Though i am interested in getting a Finance internship, in which case London would be a better choice. If you've got anything to say about either city or which one i should i pick go right ahead.

Berlin Phone Post 3.0

Berlin sounds like it would be more fun

London sounds more beneficial to your career

Germany. They have a juggernaut of an economy and it's a full time internship. Find your in.


Broads in Berlin are way hotter. I would rather study them.


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Berlin, no contest.

London has expired.

Hemlock - Berlin, no contest.

London has expired.
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lol at London having expired?!? but Id say Berlin as it will be easier to have fun there. My gf is a Berliner and I love the place. Phone Post

London and it's not even close. Phone Post 3.0

I've studied in Germany twice. Travelled Europe a few times.

Go to Berlin. We can't compare the internships for you. But living-wise. Berlin is my favorite city.

$18 k for 12 weeks? fuck!

Looks like it's going be Germany boys, was already leaning that way but now I feel better about it. Family's actually pushing me to go to London but this seems to make more sense. And if it's even more fun, than fuck yeah. Anyone know how the nightlife is in Berlin? Phone Post 3.0

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Germany has hot broads.

Berlin is a much funner city than London. It's honestly one of the best cities in Europe to party, drink, and have fun. But London is maybe only second to NYC as far as finance capitals go. Professionally, you'd be better served going there. Personally, though, you're almost guaranteed to have more fun in Berlin.

Berlin is the prostitue capital of Europe....just saying bro! Phone Post 3.0

Both places are amazing, cant go wrong with either place. But the money you mentioned for London is outrageous, fuck that. Go to Berlin, fren!

As someone who has been to both, Berlin was the more fun of the two by far. And almost everyone spoke English in case that is a worry. Phone Post 3.0