Study abroad in Brazil

I am considering studying abroad next year in Brazil. The main location for most programs seem to be in Sao Paulo. I was just wondering if anyone who knows the city can offer some suggestions, tips or insights on things like crime, lifestyle, nightlife and possibly where to train some BJJ/wrestling/MMA for a college student. I can speak a little Spanish, but as of now can't speak any Portuguese, however if I decide to go I will definately try to pick up as much as I can before leaving. So if anyone can tell me anything about the city, all I know is its huge, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

Ive studied some broads in Brazil.

Thank you, I'll be here all night. Dont forget to tip your waitress.

if its sao paulo you are going you have to train with demian maia! mundial and adcc champion! he is really good. speaks good english and he would be able to show you around and me if you want details