Study abroad in Sao Paulo

I am considering studying abroad next year in Brazil. The main location for most programs seem to be in Sao Paulo. I was just wondering if anyone who knows the city can offer some suggestions, tips or insights on things like crime, lifestyle, nightlife and possibly where to train some BJJ/wrestling/MMA for a college student. I can speak a little Spanish, but as of now can't speak any Portuguese, however if I decide to go I will definately try to pick up as much as I can before leaving. So if anyone can tell me anything about the city, all I know is its huge, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

or drink the water, have sex with the women or walk alone.


Try not to get mugged leaving the airport.

train at barbosinha's (sp)... that's where my BB instructor trained at and he kicks ass

I'm not paying your ransom!

Unless you ask nicely...

sao paol is very nice city and have good masters of vale tudo and bjj i get my certification of vale tudo from this city (Sao paulo)....

amazing city, when you get to know it...

SP has the best night life in Brazil, great restaurants, well balanced

party atmosphere, if you know people there, that's a town that you can

party litterally every night of the week. On the weekends the locals

in direction of the beaches (1 or 2hs away).

On the downside, too much polution and huge traffic jams, not gonna

even mention violence because it seems that's already in the minds of

every UGer (that never step foot in the country before)

Train with Fabio Gurgel, you will thank me later if you do