STUDY: CASTRATION = Longer Life Span (+60%)

Castration could help men to live LONGER: Removing the testes of male sheep lets them live up to 60 per cent longer by delaying the aging of DNA — and the same principles could apply to humans too, study claims

  • It is well established that women tend to live significantly longer lives than men
  • University of Otago-led experts studied how sheep age by looking at their DNA
  • They found the ‘epigenetic’ clocks of male sheep tick faster than the females’
  • However, castrated male sheep have similar DNA methylation patterns to ewes
  • The team believe that male hormones play a role in accelerating biological aging
  • Shrek — a famous castrated ram from New Zealand — notably lived to age 16
  • This is six years longer than might otherwise have been expected for a sheep

So all these lefty kids chopping their wjowhodillys off are going to live to be 130… just fucking great!

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You first.

Behahahahaha! I hope the hiveminders go through with it.

See that libtards? Trust the science.

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