STUDY: Scorpios Are Likely To Be Anti-Vax; Leos Are Likely to be Pro Vaccine

Why are so many Scorpios anti-vax? Utah county breaks down vaccination rates by ZODIAC signs - and finds Leos and Aquarians are the most-jabbed

  • The Salt Lake County Health Department tracked the number of residents vaccinated by date of birth and found that Leos have a full 70% vaccination rate
  • Aquarians were the second most vaccinated sign in the county at 67% while Scorpios were at the bottom of the list at 46%, right below Virgos at 50%
  • Salt Lake Health tweeted the full chart on Tuesday with mixed reviews, but it stood by its decision to share the information
  • The department explained it is 'finding new and different ways to keep our community talking about vaccination when there is significant message fatigue’

So they acknowledge message fatigue and are working to make it worse…

Ok then

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Breaking- High Testosterone makes you AntiVax


That is kind of odd. I would not expect that much discrepancy by birth date.

Well what a coincidence

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I’m a Leo and will never be getting a covid or flu shot.


LMAO people really believe horoscopes? Jesus fucking Christ.

I dont think they were being serious. It was just one of those “fun” social media posts to share for shits and giggles. See the disclaimer at the bottom .

Obviously the autism crowd is getting their panties in a bunch over it.



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Are you saying the percentages are made up and not real?

The disclaimer mentions they gathered the data from residents. It is just a nonsensical report that they thought it was “fun” to describe and show. Like I alluded, for the austistic online crowd, it’ll fly over their head.

Brings new meaning to, “What’s your sign?”

Im a Scorpio and Im not vaccinated yet.

Horoscopes & astrology are 2 entirely different things.

Being a scorpio, I can say this with certainty due to my highly evolved intuition, unparalleled discernment, vast intelligence, chess-like approach to space weather, and insight into the workings of all mankind in relation to astronomical events; being born in the midst of several meteorlogical events & showers, storms if you will, it gears the mind to weather dimensions of consciousness of any kind…

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It’s true.

Leo’s go head first into situations.
Scorpios understand deception, & while you’re busy wondering if you’re a male or female lion(since the females actually do the hunting while the males showboat), your enemy has laid that confusing trap & hit you with a jab from the top.

All I care about is if we are going for a long walk on the beach or not? Let’s do this!

If I was a Scorpio, I’d send them a letter telling them to fuck off.

There must be something too this. I am a Scorpio too.