STUDY: Scorpios Are Likely To Be Anti-Vax; Leos Are Likely to be Pro Vaccine

I’m a Scorpio, unvaxed, no plans to. My wife just got her first shot, by mandate. I expect to be Covid+ within the next two months.

If you plan to rail your wife, then you’re planning to get vaxxed.

I can’t believe I have to explain this to a SCORPIO.
You must be the 54%…

I’m married!


Didn’t read the article or the thread.
I’m a scorpio and fuck that vaccine bullshit.

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Wow I haven’t considered that! Unvacced cancer here and my Aries girlfriend got moderna. Wonder if that shits in my blood stream

Can’t believe how many people don’t do their homework, but it is what it is.
They can fit thousands of nanobots through a needledrop. What we DO know is that it has passed from mother to fetus.
We also know it was created before the disease, patents for more than half a dozen of these were exchanged via email in December '19 before pandemic declaration.
We know the most evil people on earth are pushing & controlling it all.
And we know airborne AIDS has been funded for 30 years, as well as airborne vaccines.
We know vaxxed acquire ADE(AIDS lite), & it progresses.

If I was a Luciferian globalist eugenecist, I’d make darn sure it’s transmissive through intercourse.

Horoscopes are a big pile of horsepoop!