Study Shows That Pfizer Vaccine Can Change DNA

well look at what happened with ivermectin. i wonder if people were told to take it by the government, what would have happened?

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Sounds like a win!

Jk buddy, hope your cousin recovers

I have never and would never get a flu shot. The flu shot is also not at all comparable to these mrna injections and the safety profiles are wildly different. The only similarities are that both vaccines have piss poor efficacy, and the data on their efficacy against death from the virus in question is iffy and subject to a lot of fuckery.

But this issue isnt new with the covid vaccines.
Pfizer’s very first initial phase 3 clinical trial would still not be finished if it had been allowed to run to its actual completion date. That’s for 2 doses. And here we are with people already getting 5. Sorry but I have no interest in being a human guinea pig. Maybe if we were dealing with airborne Ebola. But for covid, as a fit and healthy person? No thanks.

This whole covid campaign has totally destroyed my trust in public health and medicine in general.


I understand that and I agree.

I’m also not the guy claiming its a govt plot, a big pharma plot, a Bill Gates plot, a Fauci plot, a Biden plot, a Trump plot, a plan to depopulate the world and so on

Same here.

I now view most MDs as slightly capable auto technicians.

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Those depopulation conspiracy theories are retarded. The vaccines make an absolute fuck load of money, and they provide a powerful method for greater control over populations. That’s why governments are in love with them. As they openly say themselves, never let a good crisis go to waste, we should be thankful for covid allowing us to do things we could never otherwise accomplish.

If government was given the choice between total eradication of covid, and a neverending state of pandemia with all the money and power that comes with it, they’d choose the latter without hesitation. Your health is the absolute last priority.

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So glad my quack of a doctor recommended i don’t take the vax

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If India, Brazil and Peru where they used it is anything to go by deaths and cases would have increased to such an extent it would be binned.

They have Paxlovid which has actually passed trials.

And what a better way to extend the pandemic by paying antivax doctors like Dr McCullough to spread misinformation about the vaccines to make those with less understanding of science refuse the vaccine and to allow the pandemic to continue.

Have you never wondered why a multi billion industry doesn’t sue the arse off those doctors that slander them and are caught on video producing false data whilst quoting trials carried out by the pharma companies? Trials that if you even bother to read you can see they’re lying.