Stuff about negotiation?


Basically,when you are creating rapport with someone you are creating an emotional connection or affinty with the opponent.

An example of using rapport as a strategy could be when someone is verbally engaging you because he thought you took his parking spot. You could say that you had no idea and anyone who takes someonelses' parking spot is an asshole and that you will move right away. Now most likely this guy would be just a howler and using good de-fuse skills you can end the confrontation with a win-win. Of course the scenario dicates.

What did it cost you to make the emotional connection with what he was already feeling in order to avoid the confrontation from escalating. My bet would be that he would say "YEAH and that it is no big deal" A person cannot sustain an adrenlin dump with support from YOU!!

Another example could involve a bank robbery that you got caught in the middle of and were taken hostage.
As a stategy of rapport creation, you could stand up and start flipping out about how the banks screw everyone and that you do not blame them for wanting to take their money blah blah blah.
For that instance you may have made that connection with your opponent and create some flux in their immediate directive...enought time to engage physically or escape harms way. Again the scenario will dicate.

As you can see that we can formulate some substantial strategies to enhance our ability to remain safe. Verbal strategies and rapport building must be in all of our training.

Robb Finlayson,

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