Stuff rogan says

That's Edgar's round! Oh! Phone Post 3.0

Birds are cunts Phone Post 3.0

Insert name is a high level bjj practicianer. Phone Post

'insert name of black fighter is very explosive and athletic'

;) Phone Post

Goats vagina anyone? Phone Post 3.0

"What the fuck is a Susquehanna" Phone Post 3.0

This is the best (insert fighter name) we've ever seen.

How Fuckin Dare you Sir. Phone Post

Awesome excuses for when rubber guard techs fail.

___________ should mix in more leg kicks

____________ has tree trunks for legs Phone Post 3.0

"________ has a very underrated ground game" Phone Post 3.0

Powerful Phone Post 3.0

"(Insert any HW champ) is the baddest man on the planet" Phone Post 3.0

Well...this happens when guys where plastic cups...the Thai fighters use steel cups.......(20 minute diatribe on how everyone should wear better nut protection)....

I'd shoot (insert some cool animal) in the face. Team people. Phone Post 3.0

that guy is like a teenage mutant ninja turtle

"There's still ice on the canvas!" Phone Post 3.0

"Bitch slap".

Ben Gardners boat - If you're great at one thing you can master another. Used to say it all the time about kos. Then Goldie would repeat it constantly. Phone Post 3.0
To be fair Musashi said that... No can defend. Phone Post 3.0

"Throws with bad intentions".... Phone Post 3.0

"He looks JACKED!"